Teacher Resources

2022-2023 Head Start Teacher Calendar

Accident Procedure Policy

Allergy Procedure

Animals in the Classroom Policy

Appropriate Release of Children Procedure

Appropriate Supervision of Children Procedure

Assessment Process Procedure

    • ESI Screening Form

Badge Procedure – T.C. Walker

Center Safety Procedure

Child Abuse Reporting Procedure

Child Health Tracking Procedure

Child Transition Procedure

Classroom Newsletter Procedure

Classroom Observation Reporting Procedure

Classroom Sanitation Procedure

Communicable Disease & Illness Procedure

Concurrent Scheduling Procedure

Conscious Discipline Procedure

COVID Child Health Check Procedure

COVID Classroom Cleaning Procedure

COVID Drop Off/Pick Up Procedure

COVID FRED Procedure

COVID Group Size/Classroom Space Procedure

COVID Hybrid Learning Procedure

COVID Kitchen Procedure

COVID Remote Learning Procedure

COVID Responding to Children Tested Positive

COVID Responding to Employees Tested Positive

COVID Staff Health Check Procedure

COVID Testing Guidelines (Weekly)

COVID Vendor Entry Procedure

Diapering Procedure

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure – Mathews

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure – New Kent

Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure – Various Locations

Dual Language Learners Procedure

Emergency Plan for a Seizure

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

End of Month Reporting Procedure

End of Year Portfolio Guidelines

Environmental Health Practices Procedure

Exposure Control Plan

    • Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Report
    • Source Individual History & Consent
    • Staff Blood Borne Pathogens History & Consent
    • Written Opinion from Health Care Provider
    • Waiver of Hepatitis B Vaccination
    • Acceptance of Hepatitis B Vaccination

Field Trip Procedure

First Aid Kit Procedure

FRED Procedure (EHS)

FRED Procedure (HS)

    • FRED Activity Report

Goal Summary Sheet Procedure

Group Size/Classroom Space Procedure

Health & Human Services Reporting Procedure

Health Check Weekly Attendance Procedure

Health Requirements Procedure

Height & Weight Screening Procedure

Hematocrit/Hemoglobin Screening Procedure

    • Hemoglobin Letter
    • Hemoglobin Results Letter
    • Hemoglobin Permission Form

Home Visit Procedure (Welcome)

Home Visit Procedure (Final)

Immunization Record Policy

Individual Care Plan Policy

Individual Learning Plan Procedure

Kindergarten Transition Procedure

    • Kindergarten Transition Permission
    • Kindergarten Transition Follow-Up

Lesson Plan Procedure

Lesson Experience Plan Procedure

Medical & Dental Emergencies Procedure

Medical & Dental Services Payment Procedure

Medication Administration Procedure

    • Emergency Medical Card
    • Medication Consent Form
    • Medication Administration Log
    • Authorization to Administer Medication
    • Log of Medication Administration
    • Medication Error Report Form

Mental Health & Disabilities Reporting Procedure

Monitoring/Supervision Procedure

Parent Educational Goals Procedure

Parent/Teacher Conference Procedure

Parent/Child At-Home Activity

Playground Safety Procedure

Portfolio Procedure

Portfolio/File Monitoring Procedure

Referral Procedure

    • Child Study Referral Form

Screening Procedure

Sick Child & Adult Exclusion Guidelines Procedure

Sleep Time Procedure

Smoke Free Environment Procedure

Social & Emotional Well-Being Procedure

Staff Coaching Procedure

Staff Leave/Call-Out Procedure

Suspension/Expulsion Procedure

Tooth Brushing Procedure

Transition from EHS to HS Procedure

Weekly Team Meeting Procedure

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