Smart Start – Preschool

Our Educational Philosophy

Our program promotes the development of the “whole” child using a developmental education approach. Children’s physical, social, psychological, and intellectual growth are encouraged, and an effort is made to achieve a balance of growth in these four areas. Our developmental program also recognizes that children develop according to their own unique timetables and children are encouraged to proceed at their own rate. Forced “acceleration” of development is not promoted, yet children are encouraged to move to higher conceptual and skill levels when ready to do so. Developmental education is activity based; little “passive” learning takes place. Children learn by doing, and they are encouraged to interact with their environment. A developmental program provides a responsive, stimulating environment that includes a variety of concrete learning materials and toys, a wide range of daily activities, and warm responsive adults who guide children through appropriate learning experiences. Play is an important element of a developmental program, for play is recognized as a way that children act upon their environment, becoming more effective in their actions, and receiving personal satisfaction. Our developmental program also encourages children to interact with adults and peers. Silence is not golden! Through interaction with others, children clarify their thoughts and perceptions, build language and social skills, and experience the satisfaction, which is derived from working cooperatively with others. Finally, as they participate in a developmental program, children are supported in their efforts to make decisions, to think creatively, and to solve problems. They are encouraged to become confident, competent individuals for whom learning is an exciting, lifelong process.