Providing before school, after-school, and full-day care during holiday and summer breaks for children in grades K – 5.

The All Stars program is designed to support the needs of the family while enriching the child’s mind through intellectual and creative growth. We strive to work in partnership with parents to ensure the healthy and holistic development of their children. All Stars is a state-licensed, full-service childcare program offering care Monday through Friday,
7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Program Highlights:

Homework Assistance
Our staff works with each family to determine an individualized homework plan based on the needs of the child.

Indoor & Outdoor Play Space
Our facility boasts a large outdoor play space with plenty of room for the children to run, jump, move, and groove.Our play yard is completely fenced and has a covered pavilion.

Games Center
Our program encourages collaborative play using age-appropriate board games, puzzles, and video games.

Arts & Crafts Center
Our program encourages creative play by providing guided arts and crafts.

Relaxation Station
Our program allows for children to relax after a long day of school.Our school-age room is equipped with furnishings that allow children to kick back and relax!

Educational Field Trips and Activities
Our program plans fun-filled educational activities and trips for days when the children are present all day.

Healthy Meals/Snacks
Our program plans each meal and snack according to USDA guidelines for healthy eating.Children are given snacks each day after school and breakfast, lunch, and snacks on full attendance days.

For more information, please contact:
Smart Start/All Stars Programs
610 18th Street
West Point, VA 23181
Child Development Coordinator – Heidi Condrey (