Growing Together

Family literacy is an important focus for PCDC. All Head Start centers, as well as the Smart Start Program, participate in the F.R.E.D. (Families Reading Every Day) project. The project has a large, stuffed green frog as a mascot. On a regular basis, individual children get to take FRED home for a few days, along with a special journal. The children and parents are encouraged to write about their adventures with FRED in the journal, which is then shared with the other children upon FRED’s return.

Special literacy backpacks are also provided for children to borrow. These packs contain an age-appropriate book, related props, and an activity for the children and parents to complete together. These literacy packs are planned for a variety of ages, including infants. PCDC maintains an extensive family-resource library at the corporate office, including books, videos, and audio tapes. These resources address child rearing, family relationships, overall-health and mental-health issues, and many other topics of interest to families. Parents may borrow these materials at any time. The agency has a family educator on staff available to meet with parents individually to discuss specific issues they are facing. PCDC also collaborates with many community agencies and organizations to assist parents and families with special needs and can provide referrals and contact information. This may include mental health, social services, nutrition, emergency food or shelter, insurance for low-income families, medical and dental care, etc.

For more information, contact Verlane Mack, (804) 843-2289.